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La Meridiana - 36 The Figure - Tip Toland and Patti Warashina - August 31, 2014 to September 13, 2014
Two different approaches to the figure in clay, by two foremost American sculptors. Sculpture. Intermediate and advanced
La Meridiana - 40 Raku and its colours - Ute Grossmann - September 28, 2014 to October 04, 2014
A superlative use of color with the Raku technique. Handbuilding and Raku firing. For all
Raku making decorating and firing techniques - Tim Andrews at West Dean - October 19, 2014 to October 23, 2014
Experience the tutor's methods for forming Raku pots - either by hand-building or by throwing on the wheel - and try out various ways of burnishing the unfired surface using slips, including terra sigillata.(residential available)
La Meridiana - 43 Raku fired Sculpture with Paperclay - Lorri Acott - October 19, 2014 to October 25, 2014
Discover new possibilities for subtle sculpture. 
Sculpture, Beginners
Exploring porcelain - throwing and hand-building:Jack Doherty - November 20, 2014 to November 23, 2014
Develop dynamic porcelain forms or containers by learning how to understand and exploit the intrinsic plastic quality of porcelain. 
Seymour Road Studios - Weekly Pottery courses - Fran Tristram - September 08, 2014 to December 03, 2014

Master all the hand-building techniques making pots by pinching, coiling and slab-building, together with introduction to decoration techniques using texture, slips, oxides and glazes.

Make ceramic spoons. Claire Ireland - December 14, 2014 to December 14, 2014
Learn how to make ceramic spoons using hand building and surface decoration techniques.
Platters and place: using slips, stencils and stamps on clay. Anna Lambert - April 23, 2015 to April 26, 2015
Explore simple printmaking and drawing techniques on clay and use them to develop your responses to the beautiful gardens of West Dean.