Blogs (97)

Mette Heinz Blog
Potters blog - seems interesting ..
Penelope Vallejo Gomez
Information about ceramics includ..
Alex Matisse
Russel Fouts
Potter based in Brussels, Belgium..
Scott Cooper
Meredith Host
A potters blog.

Information Sources (47)

Bernard Leach Archive Catal..
Provides descriptions of the 15,0..
IG Holtzbrand
Extensive information source abou..
David Melville - Potteryman
My blog is mainly about my life a..
This site from Australia is conce..
Stoke on Trent Potteries
Brilliant site with extensive dat..
Japanese Pottery Knowledge .. is a multi-lingual..

Making a Difference (10)

Amnesty International
Amnesty International (AI) is a w..
Emmaus gives people a chance to g..
The National K12 Ceramic Ex..
Formed to recognize and honor the..
Potters for Peace
Description: Potters for Peace U...
Samaritans is available 24 hours ..
Empty Bowls Project
Empty Bowls, a project to provide..

Organisations (33)

Appledore Arts
Appledore Arts in Devon promotes ..
The Society of Designer Cra..
The Society of Designer Craftsmen..
Ceramic Art Museum at Alfre..
The Schein-Joseph International M..
Somerset Guild of Craftsmen
New site with easy to access info..
Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Höhr-Gr..
Devon Guild of Craftsmen
Excellent site, with lots of info..

Other - Worldwide (33)

A small pottery making a wide ran..
Potters Online
Graham Mercer, an Australian pott..
Graham Hay
Australian Paper Clay Artist with..
Minerva Chango
Potter and Professor of ceramics ..
Shiho Kanzaki
Anagama - Wood fired stoneware fr..
Ceramica Norio
Brazilian Ceramic Website

Publications (9)

Ceramics Monthly
A publication of The American Cer..
Crowood Press
Up to date list of Ceramics Books..
The Log Book
International Wood-fired Ceramics..
New Ceramics
German based Ceramics magazine wi..
Ceramic Review
The International Magazine of Cer..
Ceramics Today
Born of the defunct ceramics.abou..