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Russel Fouts
Potter based in Brussels, Belgium..
Adam Field - Dirt
Adam Field's blog - "I've been ma..
Blaine and Laura Avery
Blaine and Laura Avery joined the..
Blue Starr Gallery - Linda..
Clay artist currently located nea..
Pat Southwood - Norfolk Pot..
Experience the Norfolk (UK) count..
Noelle Horsfield

Information Sources (47)

David Melville - Potteryman
My blog is mainly about my life a..
Rob's Poole Pottery collect..
- a personal collection of Poole ..
Denby China Find
Denby China Find specialises in t..
The Kiln Club - UCA Farnham
The Kiln Club is based at The Uni..
Clay Art Web Guide
Visit Vicki Hardin's Clay Art Web..
Design Flanders
Design Flanders promotes designer..

Making a Difference (10)

Adopt a Potter
Helping support and train potters..
Light from Africa Foundatio..
The Foundation raises funds, faci..
Potters for Peace
Description: Potters for Peace U...
Emmaus gives people a chance to g..
A small charity which deals with ..
Empty Bowls Project
Empty Bowls, a project to provide..

Organisations (41)

Putting public & potters together..
Scottish Arts Council
Useful, wide-ranging information ..
Crafts Council
An independent organisation which..
Hidden Art
Represents over 350 designers/mak..
The Society of Designer Cra..
The Society of Designer Craftsmen..
Rufford Ceramic Centre
National web-site for the best in..

Other - Worldwide (33)

Gives details of José Antonio Sar..
Assoicacion de Ceramistas de Cata..
Clayspace Co-Op
Welcome to the Clayspace Co-op. W..
Beth Coe Maeda
Beth Coe Maeda lives in São Pa..
Jose Carvalho Ceramics
A Brazilian ceramist from Sao Pau..

Publications (9)

Clay Times
The journal of Ceramic Trends & T..
Ceramic Review
The International Magazine of Cer..
The Log Book
International Wood-fired Ceramics..
A&C Black
A&C Black are a major publisher o..
Ceramics Monthly
A publication of The American Cer..
Ceramics, Art and Perceptio..
One of the leading magazines for ..