Chic Ceramics - Hortense Suleyman Opens at Oxo

06 Dec 2002

Hortense Suleyman's intensely beautiful, honestly sophisticated porcelain vessels are now available to the public from her new studio shop at Oxo Tower Wharf on London's South Bank.

Her functional goblets, cups, bowls and plates, are hand thrown with Limoges porcelaine. Pieces feature her trademark hand carved textured surface decoration either as the vessel's main element or subtly tucked away on the base of the piece. This burnished soft exterior is contrasted with a smooth glossy glazed interior ­another Hortense Suleyman characteristic. Other pieces seemingly glazed throughout but turn the pot over and a gently faceted unglazed base is revealed.

"My pieces are designed to be functional" explains Hortense Suleyman. "Their fluid lines make them irresistibly tactile. Pick up the piece and you'll discover the detail on its base. I like what's happening underneath the pot as well as on it's surface."

These functional pieces work well put together; mix her combination of colours ­petrol, vanilla and pale blue - and the result is a cool and modern group. The hugable glazed goblets and cups feature a simple, strategic vertical "seam" or "scar". "That's for resting your thumb" explains Hortense. "It also provides a practical grip as well as something to play with".

Born in Paris, Hortense graduated from Camberwell College of Art before serving a two year apprenticeship with renowned studio potter Edmund De Waal. Hortense has exhibited at shows and fairs throughout the UK including Chelsea Crafts Fair 2002 and her work is available from selected galleries around the UK. The studio shop at Oxo establishes a permanent base from which she can work and sell.

Prices from £15.

Address: 1.12 Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH.
Tel: 020 7633 9633

Open: 11.00am - 6.00pm Tuesday-Sunday.