"Throwing Large Porcelain Pots in Jingdezhen, China"

01 Jul 2006

Christine-Ann Richards

A group of potters visiting a small factory in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China, were greeted by the sight of two people, in unison, throwing sections of large porcelain vases.

The basic weight of each section is approximately 60 kilos and two people are involved in the throwing, construction and turning of the finished pot. Fairly dry when trimmed, only a jug of slip poured onto the edge of the lower section aids adhesion.

Glaze alone secures the flanged top. It takes two weeks to complete the carved and painted decoration.

China: Pots & Potters Along the Yellow River

Visits to contemporary potters & Cizhou, Jun & Northern Celadon kilns, the Terracotta Army and a lost Tibetan valley.

7 October - 26 October 2006.

Cost: approx.2500