Craft Council Development Award - Call for Applicants

01 Jan 2006

The Crafts Council has successfully relaunched its flagship support programme. Formerly known as the "Setting Up Scheme", the Crafts Council Development Award is now seeking applications from designer makers who can demonstrate the following:
Quality of ideas/concepts.
Originality of design.
Consistency of voice and integrity of voice.
Quality of making.
Commitment to the development of your practice.
Understanding of the context & sector in which the work will be placed.
Understanding and exploration of materials used.
Extent to which the applicant has researched their equipment needs.
Considered the market for their work and the running of the business.

To be eligible to apply for the Crafts Council Development Award applicants must:
Have completed their studies.
There is no minimum or maximum age limit.
You need to be about to or have practised as craftsperson for no more than three years.
Applicants must live and work in England and be resident for tax purposes.
(The Scheme is open to non-UK nationals as long as they fulfil this condition.)

The Crafts Council Development Award is a one-year scheme and offers the following support and benefits:
A maintenance grant of 2,500.
Equipment grants - can be up to 5,000 of which the Crafts Council contributes 50% of all eligible purchases. 33.3% can be used towards purchasing marketing equipment.
A residential course in business training, aimed specifically at the small creative practices.
The provision, free of charge, of 1,000 postcards.
Inclusion on the Crafts Council's visual database Photostore.

Annual deadlines for the Crafts Council Development Award are:
March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1 each year.

For further details about the award and an application form please contact the Resource Centre on:
Tel: 020 7806 2501

Please mention when applying for more information.

This information last updated August 2003.