Save Rufford Ceramics Centre

18 Dec 2007

This is an Internationally as well as Nationally and Locally renowned Centre for Ceramic Art.

Its reputation has been built over 20 years, it hosts Solo exhibitions of the highest quality. These include Internationally respected exhibitions, including Earth and Fire in June each year. It has a high quality collection of Contemporary Ceramics and had a Ceramic Centre shop/gallery with a wide range of high quality Contemporary Ceramics. Its Residencies are valued world wide and much sought after.

It attracts many thousands of visitors not only locally and in Britain, but from all around the world. Nottinghamshire county council appears to be closing most if not all aspects of ceramic art at rufford in a casual and underhand manner presumably as an easy target for some cosmetic cost saving.

This should not be accepted. Perhaps to be charitable, they do not understand what they have in Rufford an international centre treasured not only locally and nationally, but by lovers of contemporary ceramics everywhere.

Let them know the truth, by signing the petition at:

And emailing me at:
So that i can keep you in touch with developments as they occur.

Ceramics at rufford is not some trivial unnecessary cost that can be dismissed by nottingham its loss will have a major impact on ceramic art and those in the council responsible for this outrage need to be told!

Lets see if we can get 10,000 signatures to start with!

Please sign now if you value our culture and ceramic art.