Second Selling Exhibition Of Pots By Hamada Shoji (26 April - 3 May 2008)

22 Jan 2008

The second exhibition of pots by Hamada Shoji along with pieces by Tatsuzo Shimaoka and Hamada Shinsaku will be shown at the gallery showroom of Marston Pottery in Rhayader, Mid Wales, from April 26th until May 3rd 2008.

Marston Pottery is the work place of Phil Rogers and the forthcoming exhibition is the second selling show organised by Phil and his wife Lynne. In 2005 almost the whole exhibition was sold on the opening afternoon and those of you who were there will remember what an exciting and memorable day it was. This time, the sale of the pots will be at the end of the show so that prospective purchasers may view the work for a whole week prior to making a decision.

There will be in excess of 80 pieces of work to choose from and all of the pots are sourced in Japan and therefore new and unseen in the western hemisphere. Phil has collected together a range of work that spans Hamada's career and stylistic phases whilst providing a wide range of prices. In addition, a large selection of books about Hamada not normally seen in the West will be available.

"I try to keep the prices competitive, certainly under auction house price, to enable collectors who are nervous of the rarefied atmosphere of the auction house to purchase something they can afford without pressure and without auction house commission".

More information on Hamada Shoji

The catalogue for the exhibition will be a pdf download from Phil's website at or and will be available by the end of February. Presently, along with details of the show, there are a number of items from the exhibition illustrated on the website and collectors may email from the website to express an interest and to receive email updates. There will be an invitation card to the show sent by normal post - to receive a card Phil's email is please include your postal address.