Chilean Magazine on Contemporary Ceramics - Press Release

25 Jun 2007

A new pottery and ceramics magazine has recently been born: Esteka, the first publication of its kind issued in Chile. After a modest start, the editorial staff expects to add new subjects and number of pages in every forthcoming issue. Already the next one will have four additional pages, and will be printed on better quality paper.

Although this magazine originated in the prestigious Huara-Huara studio, its objective is to provide an open forum for all ceramists and potters in Chile, and to create networks of ceramists in Latin America and all around the world.

Esteka () is addressed to all interested in clay work and other artistic fields. The editorial staff is especially interested in reaching studios and teaching venues, such as art schools, universities and colleges. It is also oriented towards art galleries as well as architects and designers.

The magazine approaches ceramics as art, but embraces the whole scope of clay work when it is carried out with sensitivity, expression and depth, as well as a personal imprint.

The idea is to generate the opportunity and space for discussion and learning in our chosen field. All lines of artistic expressions in clay will be included: both utilitarian and sculptural works will be covered. It is a non-technical publication; nevertheless it values excellence in craftsmanship. Some noteworthy pieces are presented in the photo gallery.

Esteka endeavors to report contemporary developments in our field, both in Chile and abroad. It includes interviews with ceramic artists and craftspeople, showing their different approaches, experiences and projects. Special coverage feature articles illustrate the innovative creation, construction, firing and glazing techniques used by ceramic artists far and wide.

A cultural guide has been added, recommending books, museums, exhibitions and web pages of interest. We welcome information for publication in future issues. There is also a special section designed to include various size paid advertisements; these are condensed in the Ad section, to keep the magazine clean and attractive.

The first issue was published October 2006. Esteka will be published twice a year, in April and October.

Subscription to the magazine is free of charge until further notice. Postage fees for all foreign locations amount to approximately US$30 per year.

Please enter your name and e-mail address at - you will be contacted shortly in order to complete your subscription and to provide you with postage payment instructions, based upon your country of residence. Sincerely, Patricia Walbaum