Porcelain: Ritual & Process (April 19th – June 8th 2008)

10 Apr 2008

Walford Mill Crafts is hosting a national touring exhibition that explores the diversity of the medium ‘porcelain’.

Porcelain: Ritual & Process is originated by the Llantarnham Grange Arts Centre in South Wales where five contemporary makers worked in porcelain in very different ways with exciting varied outcomes for this special exhibition.

Porcelain: Ritual & Process aims to present a pictorial essay that charts the rituals and processes that occur within the studios of five artists; Justine Allison, Sam Bakewell, Melanie Brown, Joanna Howells and Vicky Shaw.

This exhibition was conceived out of a personal fascination as to how, as makers of porcelain, the 5 makers imbue their practices with ritual and how their chosen processes influence their outcomes. For all of the artists in this exhibition the use of porcelain has been a definite and unambiguous choice.

They choose to use porcelain for its inherent and varied qualities, for its whiteness and colour response, its ability to be both translucent and opaque. It can be fluid, crisp, soft and hard but always fine and pure. Only porcelain enables them to create qualities in surface and form that they desire.

“There is ritual in all our making process.  There is ritual inherent in the repetition of our making processes that transcends mere habit. We place things, always, in certain positions and stick to strict self-imposed routines. Ritual is added through faith and superstition as we maintain that only this pen/knife/rolling pin will do and without it the magic is lost along with our ability to create.

Finally we continue to endow and emphasise the ritualistic status of our work by the way in which it is presented.” Says Melanie Brown.

Come and visit Porcelain:  Ritual & Process, which will be on show in the Philip Goulden Gallery at Walford Mill Crafts from April 19th until June 8th.