Adopt a Potter

30 Apr 2008

Maze Hill Pottery

We are committed to training the next generation of  potters by providing apprenticeships. You can help us in two ways - by buying mugs made by an apprentice or donating to our Adopt a Potter Scheme.

Yo Thom Apprentice 2000-2002,

“As well as pottery skills I have learned so much else, financial, promotional and networking and how to juggle it all. I feel strongly that an apprenticeship gives you a whole angle of experience and makes your path much clearer for your future career.” Yo Thom

Adam Frew Apprentice 2004 - 2006 “My time at Maze Hill was pivotal in my development allowing me insight into becoming a successful maker. My Two years with Lisa were inspirational. It was hard graft, but the training I received equipped me with everything I needed to make, market and sell my work.” Adam Frew 2008

Adopt a Potter!

Join our unique, new initiative and help to fund a Potter’s Apprenticeship.

“The value of an apprenticeship is core to a potter’s development. Help the next generation.” John Shakeshaft, Collector 2008

If you are interested in helping and for further information please look at our website: or contact Lisa Hammond 0208 293 0048

Maze Hill Pottery, The Old Ticket Office, Woodlands Park Rd., Greenwich SE10 9XE Phone: 0208 293 0048

Details about the Scheme (57.06 KB)