Support The Empty Bowls Project

19 May 2008

This project is coordinated by Empty Bowls in North Carolina. Contact them or visit their website for more details of how to run your own ‘Empty Bowls’ lunch.

How it works: The basic idea for Empty Bowls is simple. Participants create ceramic bowls, then serve a simple meal of soup and bread.  Guests choose a bowl to use that day and to keep as a reminder that there are always Empty Bowls in the world.  In exchange for a meal and the bowl, the guest gives a suggested minimum donation of ten dollars.  The meal sponsors and /or guests choose a hunger-fighting organization to receive the money collected. Any organization fighting hunger qualifies. Many groups choose to donate to organizations within their own community and others choose to give their donations to national or international hunger relief. We ask that groups participating in Empty Bowls send us information about their involvement for our archives.


It is intended that the Empty Bowls project maintain a high level of integrity; that it is a project of inclusion; that it cuts across social, political, racial, religious, age, and any other perceived boundaries; and that it provides a tool which we can all use in working towards the goal of ending hunger.  They ask that some aspect of hunger education be part of your project.

Whatever you choose to do with this project, we ask  that you maintain its original name, intent, and integrity.  We endorse the use of the name and logo, Empty Bowls, only under these conditions.  All money raised under the name of Empty Bowls must be used for fighting hunger. Please help spread this project by using the name Empty Bowls and our address in all your publicity.

Contact Information for more about the Empty Bowl project and how you can help – An information pack is available:

P.O. Box 1689
Burnsville, NC 28714