Light from Africa Foundation

01 Dec 2007

The Light from Africa Foundation raises funds, facilitates advanced skills development and job creation for promising ceramic artists in our studio. The sales of their ceramics not only benefit the artists, but also those communities affected by HIV/AIDS - especially Aids orphaned children.

The founders, Anthony Record and Carole Turner-Record decided on ceramics because of the rich talent and proud tradition of ceramic art in South African local communities. Light from Africa Foundation's purpose is to cultivate that creative talent by equipping the artists in our studio with the skills that will ultimately ensure their financial independence.

Anthony and Carole wanted to somehow make a difference to those in need in South Africa and having visited the Fikelela Children's Centre, a home for AID's orphans were convinced that they would love to support it.

They decided to create a business that could provide a monthly income for this cause. The idea was brought to fruition by the creation of The Light from Africa Foundation.

Carole Turner-Record explains: "The name 'Light from Africa' came to us once we had decided that our ceramic studio would concentrate on making items that can hold a candle. Concentrating on a product which gives 'light' seemed the perfect symbolism for what we were trying to do - sending the 'Light' from Africa into the rest of the world".

The Art - The creativity is intriguing, and the craftsmanship in each art work is immediately satisfying. Over and above this, each piece in some way supports a candle, thus symbolically celebrating the positive message of the light from Africa, the distinctive signature of the studio.

The Aims - The foundation aims to:
provide leading and inspiring opportunities that can bring about positive change provide advanced skills training for financial independence actively support the Global AID's challenge cultivate South African creative talent for the future be a profitable, expanding and sustainable entity

The Patron-in-Chief, The Most Reverend Desmond M Tutu says: "As patron-in-Chief of the Light From Africa Foundation I am pleased to commend the exciting project to you. I am thrilled to see what they are doing and their generous response to the HIV?remove question mark/AID's pandemic and I encourage you to support them. Such entrepreneurship and magnanimity is deserving of our support".

Some of the Artists comments:
Chuma - "My involvement with The Light from Africa Foundation gives me the opportunity to live the Xhosa proverb that says 'Izandla Ziyahlambana' when one hand washes the other, both become clean".

Buli - "My dream is that people would appreciate my work, not because I am poor or from a disadvantaged background, but because of its real value and the creativity it showcases".

Light from Africa Foundation in London - 26 November - 28 November 2007
raised more than 40,000 to establish a new orphanage, the Foundation exhibited  the artists work in London (at the South African Residency) for three days in November 2007. The event was a great success and was hosted by the South African High Commissioner, Her Excellency Ms Lindiwe Mabuza in her residency.

Images below show some of the artists, the founders and some of the work for sale at this event.

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