Save the man!

19 Aug 2008

Did you know that the ‘Man Who Blows the Clouds’ is leaving the Shepherds Bush Green?

The MWBC is a sculpture that was commissioned by the borough nearly 20 years ago and has been part of the children’s playground all these years.

Many locals are starting to feel unhappy at the thought of losing the sculpture. The sculpture has become part of the history of the area and is even listed on the borough’s website as a ‘historic sculpture’. Although the local council have let the sculpture fall into disrepair, the main structure is still sound and could be restored to it’s original form very easily.

Marisa Rueda, the sculptress, says:
“I feel sad and very angry. The sculpture belongs to the people of the Borough; it was paid for by them. It is considered a landmark of the area.”

A campaign has started to 'Save the man!', as local residents have come together to fight this decision.

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