Bottle Kiln Firing with Hannah McAndrew, Philip Leach and Douglas Fitch

20 Aug 2008

In September Hannah McAndrew will be at Bideford to help fire the bottle kiln there with Philip Leach and Douglas Fitch. It is to be filled with harvest jugs made by contemporary makers including Mike Dodd, Svend Bayer, Douglas Fitch, Hannah McAndrew and Niek Hoogland.
The timings are as follows:
2nd (Tuesday)  September     Kiln Setting
3rd (Wednesday)                    Kiln Setting
4th (Thursday)                       Firing
5th (Friday)                            Cooling
6th (Saturday)                        Cooling
7th (Sunday)                          Kiln Opening
At the same time an exhibition of historic Harvest Jugs and Fishley opens in Barnstaple (Museum of North Devon) on Saturday 6th September, probably at 10ish.  It will be the most important show of its type in some 30 years, including some of the best Devon pots of the 1700-1900 period. This is being worked on by John Edgler and the Barnstaple museum.
The new harvest jugs will go into a show at The Long Room Gallery in Winchcombe the following week starting on the 13th for two weeks.