Richard Baxter at Stella McCartney in Paris

20 Dec 2008

Richard has just made a set of large porcelain pieces for Stella MCCartney which are being shown in her new flagship store in Paris. The store opened on the 5th December 2008 and is in the Palais Royale building just opposite the Louvre. (Stella McCartney, Jardins du Palais Royal, 114-121 Galerie de Valois, 75001 Paris)

Richard's fantastic large shallow bowls are prominently  mounted on marble plinths in the store and have stylish handbags and stilleto shoes displayed in them.  Richard has been working on this project since early summer when Stella decided that beautiful handmade porcelain pieces would look terrific in her new store.He has had to produce a large number of glaze tests in order to achieve the desired shades and effects as well as finding forms that would enhance the object to be displayed in them. i think everyone would agree that they look superb!

I am delighted to see contemporary ceramics used in this innovative and stylish way.  I wish Stella great success with the new Paris store and hope that we will see many more designers thinking about using ceramic work to compliment their displays. - Stephen Dee, Editor. (there is plenty of choice for all needs on this website!)