Persian pottery in Iran - A Potters View

09 Nov 2009

Recently contacted by: Iraj Golzari Jamil in Iran who has written:

Persian Pottery in Iran 

Lalejin is one of the most important center of ceramic in Iran and the Middle East. This art is improved from the artistic point of view each day this city is considered 

as the center of the business and training of ceramic arts in Asia every year many tourists of in side of the country visit of this artistic interesting city .

According to the existing information there were only(50)workshops, making pottery, (45)years ago. They increased to(110)workships in (1976)and now there are more 

than(820)workshops in Lalejin - also there are (120)shops along both sides of Ayatollah Khamenehi blvd, and in Imam Khomeini street employment level 

reaches to 87.3%(2.6%).is amony woman which is the highest level in the province.(32.7%)of (100%) working people and working in pottery workships (26.5%) are working 

as sellers mediators and distributors of pottery goodshin other cities(29.6%) are farms and water and the other(11.2%)are white-collars and blue-collars.