Ceramics in the Environment - An international review - Janet Mansfield

01 Oct 2006

Press Release

This glorious book is packed with beautiful images of large size ceramics displayed either outdoors in the landscape, as part of buildings or in exhibition spaces and on walls inside. Janet Mansfield discusses the work of a group of artists producing work on this scale, their inspiration, commissions and style. She looks at the themes of symbolism, pattern and geometry, architecture, nature and the human figure and the relationship of the artwork with it's location.

studiopottery.co.uk's Comments

This book features the work of more than 100 ceramicists from around the world. There are twelve chapters each exploring the work of 5 to 8 ceramicists under headings moving from Symbolism and Culture through In Harmony with space to In service to the Architect and the Material to Expressing Care for the Earth, monumental Concepts and ending with Admiration for the Human spirit.

The author, an internationally renowned ceramicist herself, as well as being well known as author and publisher introduces the book by noting that one idea behind the book was to draw attention to the work of ceramic artists who make large scale works for placement in public or private environments. This is a fascinating book for the collector and others interested in ceramics as it shows the both the challenge and the exciting possibilities that working on large-scale projects in clay offers.

From the silk screen ceramic 'newspaper' of Kimiyo Mishima to the stunning stoneware sculpture forms of Eduardo Andaluz in chapter 2 to the sculptures for a roundabout by Nina Caruso and the clay smoke fired Birth of bubbles, Ancient Woodland and peat deposits by Satoru Hoshino used as wall cover through to the Wolves of Anna Malicka Zamorska located in the garden of Dr Maciej Zagiewski, Wrocctaw Municipal Museum this large scale work makes one want to get out there and see it for real!

Janet seems to have really covered the world - from Jim Robison's work in Yorkshire to Garry Williams in Calgary Canada from the Hungarian sculptor Sandor Kecskemeti, now working in Germany to Rick Rudd in New Zealand the scope is staggering. Added to this are the interesting comments about their process by each artist, which give both an interesting insight and depth for the reader, but would I think give valuable hints and ideas for those wanting to move their work in this direction.

It's a great opportunity reading this book to open ones mind to the infinite possibilities and excitement that large-scale use of clay can offer.

Well worth a read for those who want to see a whole new aspect of ceramic art.

Publication Date: 2005
Price: 35
ISBN: 0-7136-6851-2
Binding: Hardback
Publisher: A&C Black Publishers Ltd, 37 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QZ
Tel: 020 7758 0281
Edition: 1st

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