Wedgwood Collection campaign: Don't smash this National Treasure

25 Jan 2011

Interesting article in The Telegraph over the weekend (22 Jan 2011) about the threat this National collection in Britain is apparently under from the usual short-sighted muddle and badly drafted laws!  The collection appears to (from the article) be in danger of being sold off for the sake of 60,000 pension liability for 5 people who work for the museum, but were employed by the company. Thereby, under some strange rule - because they were on the company payroll the whole liability of the company can be applied to the Museum - putting its assets into play! Read the article and Marvel at this potential craziness!!! (It is estimated that the whole collection might raise between 12 million and 20 million to go against the companies liability to the pension fund of around 134million).

Sad world:( - but lets hope it doesn't happen and the UK courts can protect this unique collection! 

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