British Studio Potter's Marks - Eric Yates-Owen and Robert Fournier

01 Sep 2005

Press Release:
This classic book is the only truly comprehensive directory of 20th century British Studio Potter's Marks, has been fully revised and up-dated for its 2nd edition.
It includes many new entries and the existing ones have been up-dated to reflect any changes in the artists' style of work, new marks and most importantly their latest addresses.
Each entry gives biographical details, information on the type of ceramics produced, location of the pottery and dates of when a mark has changed, along with examples of different marks used. This finely detailed book is a must for all potters, collectors, museums, auction houses and shops, as well as anyone with a general interest in British pottery.
Multiple indexes make it extremely easy to locate the information required.
Eric Yates-Owen was a retired industrial engineer and consultant. Robert Fournier is a professional potter with over 40 years' experience and is the author of many books on ceramics.

Editor's Comments:
This is an excellent reference book and an absolute must for anyone with an interest in contemporary studio pottery.
Given the wide availability of 'postcode driven' maps on the internet today, it is a pity that postcodes are omitted as it would ease the process of finding potters - but this is a small quibble on a great piece of work.
Inevitably one can think of potters not included - there are a few on this website - but to bring together information with some 4750 marks, and information on the potters concerned, check it and publish it is a herculean labour, for which those of us with a deep interest in contemporary british ceramics can only express wonder at the acheivement and thanks for such a superb source of information. Stephen Dee - Editor.

ISBN: 0 7136 7245 5, Pages: 710
Illustrations: 4750 marks - i haven't counted them!
Price: 40.00
Publication: June 2005
Binding: Hardback

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