The Teapot Book - Steve Woodhead

01 Jan 2005

Press Release:

Steve Woodhead reveals his infectious passion for teapot making in this colourful and highly detailed book. As one of the most challenging ceramic objects to create, making a teapot has become one of the rites of passage for potters, the versatility of the teapot allowing the potter to express themselves as artists.

The book discusses both the practicalities of teapot making and its diverse aesthetic possibilities. Each design comes with numerous images and illustrations which aid the student and complement the knowledge of the more advanced potter. There is a history of the teapot, a profile section of nearly thirty contemporary potters and their individual styles, an extensive design gallery and a useful glossary of Glaze Recipes.

Steve Woodhead has twenty years experience in the field of teapot design. His wealth of knowledge and keen eye, together with his obvious delight in the subject, make this beautiful and practical book perfect for students, professional potters, teapot collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Author's Comments:
This book is written by a potter for:

The book covers the detail making of the standard domestic teapot by Derek Emms. This section captures in 70+ stages the detailed process of throwing and assembling a teapot by the master teapot maker. Each stage is accompanied by a detailed description of the key points of the process.

Chapter 3 covers the intriguing aspect of designing new work. Some 30 potter from around the world review their teapot making. The gallery section contains another 50 potters giving brief details as to how they make their teapots. Overall, the contributing potters give a total of over 1500 years of teapot making experience.

Most potters agree that the teapot is one of the most challenging objects to make, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. Creating a teapot that functions correctly requires a great deal of skill and intimate knowledge of the form. So why do all potters make them? - probably because we want to climb this mountain.

Editor's Comments
This is an excellent book, which will give much pleasure to students, collectors and potters. Apart from the technical aspects, it gives a wide range of teapots by 27 potters, whose work is profiled in the book, as well as teapots by many other potters. There are some excellent images which will give even the seasoned collector some ideas of new work to look at.

ISBN: 0 1736 6016 3
Price: 30
Publication: January 2005
Binding: Hardback

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