Craft and Design - Selected Award Winners - ceramics

03 May 2012

Congratulations to our Members for sweeping the Awards board!! richly deserved!

Patricia Shone - Gold Award Winner

Hannah McAndrew - Silver Award Winner

Emily-Kriste Wilcox - Silver Award Winner 

The judges' statement (Steve Ogden) said:   The high standard and range of work shortlisted has made the judging process a challenging and extremely rewarding task and all entries should be congratulated. The additional notes and answers to the questions supplied by each maker really added to the process by providing a window into their journey both as a maker and creative individual towards their current craft practice. There is a real sense of practical experience and constant experimentation within the work with makers seeking new approaches to the medium, decoration and form. The crafts seem to generate within its practitioners creative and practical risk takers which can be seen in both the practical outcomes and their narratives.

  Standing stone, hand built, raku fired, ht 18cm by Patricia ShoneSlip Trail Tulip Jug - wood fired ceramic by Hannah McAndrewCeramic Vessel by Emily-Kriste Wilcox