Speaking Volumes

27 Oct 2007

Monday 22nd - Saturday 27th October 2007
Private view: Monday 22nd October, 6pm - 8pm

Speaking Volumes is an exciting exhibition showcasing the work of six contemporary ceramic artists as well as a select group of old masters. Collectively their work uses the versatility of the medium to explore ideas of volume in terms of relative scale, quantities and weight. Each of the artists selected has developed their own distinctive style and have a recognisable voice. Work on show ranges from domestic ware to large outdoor sculptures, including porcelain installations and a unique piece of furniture.

All the artists will be attending the private view. Fernando Casasempere works on large-scale sculptures suitable for both interior and outdoor situations. The boldness of his hand-built forms is matched by the endless experimentation that goes into the materials. Chilean-born and now based in London, he recycles industrial waste from his native country giving the body of each work an extraordinary texture and colour. No glaze is used. Recently he was commissioned to make an installation for the Jerwood Foundation Sculpture Park at Ragley Hall, in Worcestershire. His next project is to be shown in the Economist Plaza, St. James, in the spring of next year. Carina Ciscato is from Brazil and worked with Julian Stair when she came over to England, now she shares a workshop with Chris Keenan. Her elegant forms are thrown and altered. She plays with tones of glazes to create subtle and pleasing surfaces. All her work can be used in the home. Elizabeth Fritsch's distinctive work is known throughout the world. She began making pots in 1966, she works with coloured slips on her hand built forms, bringing considerable depth of knowledge and experience in fine art and music to play in her work. She is represented in many major Museums.

Steve Harrison concluded his training at the Royal College in 1993. He makes individual salt glazed utilitarian pots, including teapots, mugs, jugs and bowls. Each one is unique but unmistakably from the same family. Steve goes to infinite trouble to make the most perfect pot he can. Every detail is thought out. He is the first potter to successfully mix porcelain and stoneware on a mug. He uses industrial techniques of press moulding for his spouts, handles and knobs, while throwing the basic form. Piet Stockmans is a Belgian artist internationally recognised for his installations of multiple porcelain elements, a series of work he began in the 1980's. His large groups of beakers give an impression of generosity and purity whilst maintaining the integral fragility of the material. They are feather light and translucent. He finds the repetitive pouring involved in the slip-casting method a form of meditation. Recently he has made casts of human forms and large wall installations.

Philip Wood continues to astonish us with his technical achievements. The sprigged decoration on his domestic ware is expertly executed leaving not a trace of a fingermark. Choosing animals familiar to us, foxes, cockerels, hares, skylarks, crows he washes over the pink body with a semi transparent white colloidal slip. Works by Shoji Hamada, Bernard Leach and Lucie Rie will also be available.

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