Totally Teabowls III

20 Oct 2007

20th October - 4th November 2007
An exhibition celebrating the Teabowl & Tea  


"This will be taking place at our new exhibition venue at The Thoresby Gallery, Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire. Our last Totally Teabowl Exhibition was held in 2005 and was a great success.

The Exhibition this year is different to the previous two, in that they we are exhibiting only Teabowls (Chawan). We will also have a display of some elements of Tea. Chaire (Tea Caddy) Mizusashi (Water Jar) Chasen (Tea Whisk) Chashaku (Tea Scoop) etc.., will be displayed along with some rare bowls. Powdered Green Tea, (Matcha) will be prepared for tasting. While we are not performing an actual Tea Ceremony (Chado) we are hoping to be able to demonstrate the correct way to make Matcha will the equipment of tea."

Participants so far Confirmed:

Amanda Brier,
Nic Collins,
Emmanuel Cooper,
Eddie and Margaret Curtis,
Euan Craig,
Mike Dodd,
David Frith,
Margaret Frith,
Robert Fornell (U.S.A.),
Mark Griffiths,
Sam Hall,
Lisa Hammond,
Akiko Hirai,
Nic Harrison,
Ashley Howard,
Chris Keenan,
Dan Kelly,
Jayson Lawfer (U.S.A.),
Martin Lungley,
Joseph Lynch,
Jim Malone,
John Mathieson,
Marcus O'Mahony (Ireland),
Mandy Parslow,
Michael Posner,
Phil Rogers,
Shigeyoshi Ichino (Japan),
Peter Sparrey,
John Thies (U.S.A.),
Yo Thom,
Ruthanne Tudball,
Hans Vangso (Denmark).

At The Thoresby Gallery, Thoresby Park, Near Ollerton, Newark, Nottinghamshire. NG22 9EH.
Gallery open daily 10:30 am - 5:00 pm.

For more information, tel: +44 (0)1623 635777 or email: