Bettles Gallery

13 May 2007

13 May - 9 June 2007 

Press Information:

An exciting exhibition of Jim Malone's newest work. Jim is renowned for his classical woodfired stoneware and porcelain and says about this exhibition
"These pots are from the second firing of my new climbing kiln at Lessonhall. As is my practice, an offering of a cup of wine and a seasonal flower was made prior to lighting up. The kiln is my partner. It has a soul.

This was a particularly protracted firing, well in excess of twenty four hours. I collapsed into bed, exhausted, at the end, rather than my customary opening of a bottle of wine and watching the world get up and go to work.

The slow rise in chamber one resulted in some beautiful, slowly matured, ash glazes, whereas the more dramatic heat and long woodflame in the second chamber yielded one or two brilliant red 'kakis' and, tucked away in a corner, was a jug with a much used ash and granite glaze, reminiscent of the lead glazes on mediaeval English jugs, which I have never seen fire so well. There are still surprises!

In an article for Ceramic Review I once wrote "..... a potter's life is not easy. The hours are long and often lonely, but when he has played his part well, and the kiln has been kind, the good pot is a thing of lasting beauty" and as Bernard Leach once said, ".... worth any sacriffce, including life itself"

This is still why I do this."

The exhibition at Bettles Gallery 82 Christchurch Road Ringwood (Tel.0142S 470410) opens with a preview from 11am - 4pm on Sunday 13th May when wine and canapes will be served and continues until 9th June. Opening hours are 10am-Spm Wednesday-Saturday or by appointment.

Contact: Gill Bettle 01425 470410/489350