The Pot The Vessel & The Object

27 Jun 2007

This exhibition is a celebration of the work of the CPA - a remarkable co-operative society which represents ceramic artists in the UK - and of the fine potters and ceramic artists we are privileged to have working in this country.

The title - The Pot, the Vessel and the Object - makes reference to the different approaches which potters and artists can take with the use of clay, and the 44 extraordinary makers representing the CPA here are showing works which range from the domestic cup and teapot to sculpture.

Established 50 years ago, the Craft Potters Association or CPA has led the way in promoting the highest standards and encouraging innovation in ceramics. A brief glance at a list of past and present members shows the calibre of the passionate individuals involved: Bernard Leach, Michael Cardew, Rosemary Wren, Mick Casson, Emanuel Cooper, Takeshi Yasuda - and many more. Grown up from a small enthusiastic group into a powerful organisation today, the CPA runs a London shop and gallery, one of the world's leading ceramic magazines, and also organises key fairs and events throughout the year.

The individuals selected from the CPA's current membership to take part in this exhibition are:
Felicity Aylieff; Peter Beard; Beverley Bell Hughes; Terry Bell Hughes; Dylan Bowen; Sandy Brown; Simon Carrol; Nic Collins; Emmanuel Cooper; Susan Disley; Mike Dodd; Jack Doherty; David Frith; Margaret Frith; Ian Gregory; Morgen Hall; Jane Hamlyn ;Lisa Hammond ; Ashraf Hanna; Regina Heinz; Andre Hess; John Higgins; Joanna Howells; Lisa Katzenstein; Walter Keeler; Chris Keenan; Christy Keeny; Gabriele Koch; Martin Lungley; Jim Malone; John Maltby; Gareth Mason; Sophie McCarthy; Martin McWilliam; David Millar; Aki Moriuchi; Jane Perryman; David Roberts; Phil Rogers; Duncan Ross; Antonia Salmon; Micki Schloessingk; Jeremy Steward; Ruthanne Tudball; Tina Vlassopulos; Sarah Walton and Takeshi Yasuda.