Submission Deadlines

This Section gives last dates for applying to fairs and other ceramic events, grants, residences etc. To submit notifications for events to be added to these pages contact: . It may be worth contacting the event/award if you are a few days late to submit as sometimes they are prepared to be forgiving.

Craft Pottery Charitable Trust

Deadline: usually December 15th every year

The trustees invite applicants to apply for the Annual Grant Scheme. The closing date for the Trust grant scheme is usually 15 December in each year, but applicants should check exact dates with Liz Gale.

The scheme is open to all ceramists, whether or not members of the CPA. The Trust has two main grant schemes; an annual grant scheme in which awards of up to £1,000 in value are made and a £500 bursary scheme for new graduate makers. Guidelines for applicants are available from email: or send a stamped addressed enelope to: Liz Gale, Secretary to the Craft Pottery Charitable Trust, Taplands Farm Cottage, Webbs Green, Soberton, Southhampton, SO32 3PY

International Ceramics Studio - Hungary - Artist in Residence

Deadline: Ongoing

The ICS Artist-in-residence program allows artists to work in the context of a different country and culture.
The Artist in Residence Programme provides artists with the space to create new works, experiment with innovative ideas and research new and different ways of making. Artists are encouraged to explore all our facilities to open up new possibilities and directions for the contemporary ceramicist.
The program is open to all artists who wish to work independently on their own projects. Artists may use the residency to accomplish a specific project or to work in a creative and supportive atmosphere alongside other international ceramic artists.

On average the are up to ten artists in residence at the ICS at any one time. There are plenty of opportunities to interact with the other artists but enough space to be quiet and reflective.

Making an application for the Artist in Residence Programme: There is no application deadline and applications will be considered throughout the year. We require slides, photographs or digital images on cd or by email, accompanyied by a current CV (Resumι) and biography. A brief outline of your intended work during your residency would be helpful for us to consider your application. Please give us an indication of your preferred dates for your residency.

See the website for more detail:

If you are interested in making an application please email for further information and an application form.:

III. International Triennial of Ceramics Unicum 2015

Deadline: 30 November 2014

When: 15 May - 30 November 2015

The National Museum of Slovenia is setting up the III. International Triennial of Ceramics Unicum 2015. Triennial is a connection between international and Slovene area and it gives a fresh insight into artistic ceramics. Its intention is searching for elementary artistic research in connection to contemporary thought. III. International Triennial of Ceramics Unicum 2015 contains competitive part and accompanying events and exhibitions all over Slovenia.

For more information email Zora Žbontar:


Deadline: None as such - first come first served

When: 24th – 26th April 2015

They say:
Promotion: The promotional program begins six months prior to the fair and builds steadily towards April to gain the optimum exposure. • Local and national magazines, arts press and newspapers. • Coverage on local radio • Promotion from our chosen media sponsor Berkshire Media group, which includes The Reading Chronicle and Royal Observer. • On line and social media. • Listings on relevant websites with links where appropriate. • Leaflet distribution to thousands of local residents, organisations and other relevant venues further afield. • Private View invites to just over 5000. • A comprehensive road sign campaign to include high profile street banners/signs and posters. • 2for1 tickets distributed to companies, groups and arts organisations. • Targeted mailing to our database of buyers and previous visitors. • Targeted mailing to trade buyers, arts professionals, local VIPs and businesses. We will again be offering the first 500 visitors a free calico goody bag. As with each of the fairs – RCAF and WCAF – we use a different image from an exhibiting artist to feature on one side of the bag. If you would like to submit a design for consideration for the RCAF 2015 bag we would need this by end of Jan 2015. The image is printed in one colour and line drawn pictures work best. The successful artist will have the opportunity to insert promotional material in the bags. All exhibitors are listed on the art fair website as soon as they book and a link made to their own site. A reciprocal link would be appreciated.


for more information email: or

Phone: +44 (0)1753 591892
Sarah McAllister and Deborah James Organisers - 26 Eton Road, Datchet, Berks SL3 9AY

Earth & Fire 2015 at Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire 26,27 & 28 June 2015

Deadline: 5pm, Friday 28 November 2014.

Potters: The event hosts over a hundred potters from across the UK and Europe selling direct to the public from outdoor market stalls in the ancient abbey ruins and courtyards.

Visitors: The event attracts in excess of 7,000 people over the three days and they range from collectors, gallery and shop owners to amateur potters, enthusiasts and the general public looking for unique homeware.
Earth and Fire differs from other ceramic fairs across the country in that there is no individual entrance fee - we only charge a small car parking fee.
We promote the event widely including print distribution together with advertising and press. The event is also featured in the Rufford Craft Centre Brochure and promoted via our extensive e-marketing system. The exhibitors also distribute eflyers to their own mailing lists. The event also features on our website, facebook page and via twitter and interest.
For the actual event we also produce a full colour catalogue which features all the exhibitors with a photograph and contact details.

For more information/submissions form email:

See website for more details:

Application Forms: Exhibitors Application Form


Deadline: November 24th 2014 - on line

When: June 3, 2015

The International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art, arranged by the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza Foundation onlus, is without thematic restrictions and it is open to individual artists or groups without age restrictions. The Competition is divided in 2 separated sections: one reserved to artists under 40 years old (within December 31st 2014) and the other for artists over 40 years old. The participation is free, but subjected to a payment of 20 euro fee for administrative costs, only for participants over 40.

Applications must be registered online within November 24th 2014.

For further information see the web page for detailed information:

For more information email : ((

Potfest 2015

Deadline: asap or 24th December 2014 - on line

When: POTFEST SCOTLAND June 12/13/14; POTFEST in the PARK July 24/25/26; POTFEST in the PENS July 31, Aug 1/2

Potfest in the Pens 2015 ( Return your form, images and cheque asap.)
The unselected, first come first served, system unique to the Pens seems to be the fairest for everyone but it does have it's drawbacks. It mean that the show can fill very quickly. Last year it happened particularly fast and as a result the Pens was fully booked by November 8th with a waiting list in place. Post back by post office normal mail ( not recorded delivery or email). Enclose your cheque and up to a max. of 6 images (jpeg or tiff, all titled with your name, also mark or label the image CD with your name )

Potfest in the Park 2015 (Application deadline Dec. 24th)
All applicants will be contacted in the new year re allocation of the 100 places available. Post back by post office normal mail ( not recorded delivery or email). Send a max. of 6 images (jpeg or tiff, all titled with your name, also mark or label the image CD with your name ). If you would like a place at the Pens if your application for the Park is unsuccessful, then send applications for both shows together, marked 1st choice & 2nd choice

Potfest Scotland 2015 (Application deadline Dec. 24th)
All applicants will be contacted in the new year re allocation of the 70 places available. Post back by post office normal mail ( not recorded delivery or email). Send a max. of 6 images (jpeg or tiff, all titled with your name, also mark or label the image CD with your name )

Potfest in the Pens
When it started 20 years ago Potfest was seen as a radical, anti-establishment idea ( without selection and in a cattle shed ). For newer potters, who weren't around at the time, it appears to be the norm and an integral part of ceramics in the UK today - but the Pens is still the only truly egalitarian event we know of. Making a career in ceramics isn't just a question of developing skills. To be sustainable requires sales - to achieve sales requires access to an audience. Potfest in the Pens delivers that audience - no selection procedure, no vetting, no juries, no application fees. Any potter trying to make a living from the sale of their work can take part no matter what stage of their development. The general public decide what they'll buy - who they'll support. The cattle market was a deliberate choice as a venue - pottery without the bull**** ( mostly ) It was the largest undercover building we could find to allow space for as many exhibitors as possible - No glamour or glitz, just potters and their public together on neutral ground. Don't dismiss this show because it is unselected. That's its strength and what makes it special. Many potters now of international repute started out here and many still do it.

Potfest in the Park
Potfest in the Park is our showcase - it's about the potters, and the work that they're developing that we, personally, find the most interesting. Choosing the exhibitors is purely subjective on our part - our task is to make the most visually stimulating day we can. To this end - the architecture of the house, the gardens and grounds of Hutton-in-the-Forest play a major role, and the competition pieces displayed on the lawns are a very important, integral part of the show. We see the Park as a theatrical production rather than just another "potters market" and hope that the audience and the exhibitors find it as visually exciting as we do. The work on display is of the highest quality, the ceramic artists amongst the best in Europe. Each year up to 25% of the exhibitors come from outside the UK to make it a truly international event. All are well respected, established makers with a very distinctive style - many with international reputations. Each year we change at least 20% of the exhibitors to keep the show dynamic - but never compromise the quality of the show. ( 100 exhibitors. )

Potfest Scotland
Showcasing ceramics in the centre of Scotland - where the Highlands meet the Lowlands at the ancient centre of the kingdom - Scone Palace. Like the original Potfest it started in the cattle pens of Perth mart, but like the Park it's now set in marquees on the lawns in front of the Palace - the ancient home of the Stone of Destiny where Scottish kings were once crowned. This is the biggest ceramics festival in Scotland. (70 exhibitors)

For further information see the web pageant to download an application form:

For more information email Geoff or Chris: MYADVICE: BE VERY QUICK IF YOU WANT TO GET IN!!!